Community groups accept items that they are able to sell or pass on to those who can make use of the item. As an organisation they must also comply with laws relating to businesses. Your item may therefore not be accepted for one of the following reasons:

1. It does not comply with current fire regulations. This applies to soft furnishings such as sofas etc.

2. There is no current demand for the item you have. For example the group may have a lot of the items you have in stock and they are not selling well, or from past experience they know your item won't sell. An example of this at the present time is videos.

3. The item is broken or not of good enough quality to sell. Whilst some groups do refurbish certain items, most items must be in clean, good working order.


You may still be able to give away your item using one of the reuse services such as Give Or Take or others listed here or by recycling.

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As an individual you can re-use more items in your day-to-day activities. Here are a few ideas (but there are many more for you to discover!): Reusing your shopping bags is a very useful tip. You can even get a "bag for life...
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